User’s Pledge

Lesson objective:

In this lesson, you’ll find a reminder that this guide is not intended in any way  to replace the work of mental health professionals and clinicians


This Field Guide is in no way intended to replace the work of mental health professionals and clinicians. Using the Guide will not make you a mental health professional. The Guide is intended to serve as an enrichment and capacity-building resource only.

Your role is fundamentally different from that of professional mental healthcare providers. In many cases, individuals who have experienced chronic stress and traumatic events need professional assistance and care. It is unwise to think that anyone other than a trained professional can provide specialized care.

We strongly encourage you to explore, get to know, and seek contact information for therapists, counselors, and other mental health professionals in your area before you use this Guide, and to make use of their services when necessary and desired.

Unfortunately, in so many communities in need, there are too few mental health professionals. We hope that this will change. 

We will continue to work and advocate for more professional resources and specialists who speak your language and know your communities to provide the levels of professional care needed.


il then, let’s work together to give you some basic resources that will give you more confidence in your work, and promote safe, supportive environments for you and for those around you, while never presuming or suggesting that we are doctors, therapists, or mental health professionals.

If you agree and want to continue, let’s get started.