What is The Field Guide?

The Field Guide for Barefoot Psychology (TFG) is an educational and psychosocial support program for individuals and communities affected by stress and trauma. TFG aims to clarify why and how adverse experiences can affect the brain, body, and social behavior, and to provide specific information and exercises to ameliorate the effects of stress and trauma, improve emotion regulation, and build resilience. 

The Field Guide first uses storytelling, art, and accessible scientific explanations to explore various biological and psychological experiences associated with violent conflict, injustice, and disasters, experiences such as trauma, stress, guilt, shame, hopelessness, resilience, and post-traumatic growth. These issues are not only commonly stigmatized, but affect a wide range of impulses, behaviors, and social interactions. 

TFG features a library of self-care exercises with easy-to-use practices from various fields, including somatic experiencing, mindfulness, and cognitive behavior therapy specifically targeting emotion regulation as a key component of trauma recovery, resilience, and improved interpersonal behavioral health. Users of the Guide have access to all content via a membership-only online community and mobile app for Android and iOS devices. 

The content of the Guide is intended for a wide audience, including professional aid workers, community workers or volunteers, and individuals interested in learning about the effects of stress and trauma on the brain, body, and social behavior. The content is safe and relevant for those 18 years of age and above and can be delivered by trained community facilitators who need not be mental health professionals or can be learned self-paced individually. 

The Field Guide reflects a unique collaboration between Beyond Conflict and Questscope to address the emotional and psychological burdens associated with trauma and violence. 

Beyond Conflict and Questscope first piloted TFG in Za’atri Refugee Camp in 2019 after training a group of facilitators working in Questcope’s Youth Innovation Center, one of the only community-led spaces for MHPSS activities in the refugee camp.

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