Exercises- Self Foot-Massages

When you do this one, try to focus only on the massage. Try not to think about anything else. And as you do, try not to tickle your feet, as that activates the sympathetic nervous system, which is the counteracting system to what we’re trying to stimulate here. Use the weight of your whole body to apply pressure during the massage. Let’s get to it. 

  1. Make yourself comfortable, sitting on a wide surface. 
  2. Relax your ankle by taking one of your feet in both hands and gently and slowly twisting it back and forth, bringing the toes towards the sole of the foot and then back in the other direction. 
  3. Relax each of your toes, one by one, by holding them and moving them to the sides and up and down. Start with your big toe and work your way towards your little toe. 
  4. Use your hand to curl and press all of your toes down and towards the sole of your foot. Hold this position for a moment. 
  5. Use your hand to curl and press all of your toes up towards your ankle. Hold this for a moment. 
  6. Holding your foot, apply pressure and massage the sole of your foot with the side of your thumbs. You can use both your hands to apply pressure to both sides or to use only one hand. 

Begin just below your toes and systematically work your way inwards and down. 

  1. You can choose to apply pressure on one area and hold this position for a moment, release, and move on to an adjacent area. 

Or, you could also hold the pressure and glide your thumb through the sole of your foot. You can also combine both techniques. 

  1. Try to monitor your breath as you massage. 
  2. Repeat this several times, increasing pressure slightly with each repetition.
  3. Release your foot, and stretch it by moving your ankle gently. 
  4. Now repeat these steps on your other foot. 
  5. Notice how you are feeling. 
  6. Notice how your body feels.




And we’re done. This  exercise is best done ritually before going to sleep as your feet have been carrying your weight all day. This will help release some tension before giving your feet a well-deserved rest.