Exercises- Knee Circles


Just a quick note — please do not do this exercise if you are recovering from a knee injury. If you have very flexible or loose knee joints, press back gently on your knees as you do the exercise to support the kneecap and knee joints. Ok. Let’s get started

  1. Stand comfortably with your feet and knees touching, but not jammed together. 
  2. Bend your knees and put your hands on or just above your knees so that you are in a supported, squatting position. To protect your joints, be sure to keep your legs and feet relaxed as you do this exercise. 
  3. Your knees should be bent to suit your strength and flexibility. This is usually at the point where you can feel your thigh muscles tightening. 
  4. Keep your back straight. Support this by engaging the core stomach muscles. You should be drawing your stomach muscles in evenly towards your navel. 
  5. Look straight ahead rather than down. This keeps your neck in line with your upright spine. 
  6. Begin to make slow circles with your knees. Move your knees forward, around to the right, then backwards and around to the left. Continue this circling slowly.
  7. Keep your breath even, flowing in time with the movement. It’s helpful to breathe in for half of a circle and then out for the other half of the circle. 
  8. Focus your attention on your ankle and knee joints as you move.
  9. Keep your feet and toes relaxed.
  10. Start with slow circles. Once you get used to the movement you can mix slower and faster circles together. 
  11. Now change the direction of the circles. Build up to about 20 circles each way. 
  12. When you finish, stand up straight again and shake out your legs. 
  13. Now pause. If it is comfortable for you to close your eyes, stand with your eyes closed for a moment, or open with a soft focus. Feel any sensations in your legs, particularly in the knee and ankle joints. Notice how your breath feels.



Simple as that. This exercise is best done when waking up in the morning as it can help warm up joints that have become stiff or achy during the night. Or, use it after sitting for an extended period of time, if your legs get stiff or uncomfortable.