Exercises- Affirmations


Affirmations must be entirely based on positive things you believe to be true about yourself, so do not base your affirmations just on the positive things that others have said about you. 

  1. Step 1: Pick your affirmation, your positive self thought.

Try to think of a moment when you have felt proud of yourself. It could be a moment of personal victory or accomplishment. Or perhaps you felt brave and determined. 

Think…how you felt in that moment? Did you feel powerful or important? Did you feel useful?

Think of yourself through the eyes of people who love you. Do they agree you are kind, smart, generous? Do you agree? 

When choosing your affirmation, make sure to begin it with the word “I” or the word “my” and use the present tense. Be sure that you believe your affirmation.

Hold the affirmation in your mind. Keep thinking it. Over and over. 

Or if you want, write it down. Write it again. Write it over and over. 

  1. Step 2: Repeat your affirmation as many times as you want, quietly or silently to yourself. When we repeat affirmations, our brains begin to re-evaluate ourselves in a positive way, increasing our motivation, our sense of agency, our positive sense of self.

There are three main ways to repeat your affirmation, and you are free to choose one method or combine methods at any time.

  • You can write your affirmation down, several times, being mindful of what you are writing. 
  • You can repeat your affirmation out loud, to yourself. Repeat it several times. 


I am kind

I am kind

I am kind

  • Of, you can repeat your affirmation out loud to yourself while looking at your reflection in a mirror. 

When affirmations are repeated in front of a mirror, our emotional response is intensified. When you meet your own gaze and see your own facial expressions,  you are able to associate the positive words with yourself even more clearly. 

Just figure out which of these three methods works best for you. 

  1. Step 3: Try to have at least three affirmations that you can practice and repeat a few times. Learn your affirmations. Memorize them, so that in a moment when you are feeling overwhelmed, it is easier to remember and repeat them. Keep them ready, keep them on-call for whenever self-doubt comes around. 




Done. This one is easy. Just like that, you have a tool that can be used during moments of doubt, moments of vulnerability or moments of stress as a way to encourage a bit of self-compassion and softness.