Impact Report: TFG in Jordan

In 2019, external researchers from The New School for Social Research (Dr. Vivian Khedari) and The University of California – Berkeley (Elizabeth Herman) conducted a randomized controlled trial (RCT) to test the effectiveness of The Field Guide in positively affecting users’ mental health and perceptions of community security.

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Results showed that The Field Guide was successful in achieving its aims in line with the theory of change. After the intervention, the sample’s average mental health stigma decreased, and both trauma-related symptoms and emotion regulation improved. Mental health improvements were strongest among participants endorsing higher trauma exposure and psychological distress, which speaks favorably of psychoeducational interventions’ ability to positively impact high-symptom groups with limited access to mental health service providers. The fact that we were able to document overall gains related to the intervention regardless of initial symptoms or trauma experiences or of the intervention condition (workshop vs. reading at-home) demonstrates The Field Guide’s potential to favorably impact a wide-range of targeted populations, particularly given that the sample faced ongoing stressors in the camp throughout their participation.

TFG impact report

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